Backstory from Glenys: re movement as the missing link in learning: remedies

Having to sit in desks for long hours at school or work has always seemed odd and even cruel to me. While studying movement-based theatre, I suddenly realized why. As well as skills, our teacher, Jacques Lecoq, also taught us frameworks for creating new theatre pieces. We were to ‘fill out’ these frameworks according to the theme chosen, our own personal approaches and contexts. It was an ‘AHA’ moment. Themes could come from the curriculum!  Instead of using movement frameworks to create a play, they could be used to explore curriculum, or policies, or any area of endeavour—to learn!  Movement could be restored as an integral means of expression, exploration and meaning-making—for education, business, or community. And the irony of using movement is that it requires a great deal of verbal communication, collaboration, and both individual and group creative and critical thinking.


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