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 ZOOM zzzZAPS are mood, brain & body breaks for anyone, any age or condition.

We’re all spending too much time sitting, working, thinking, hunched over,  scrunched up.


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Our ideas get as cramped as we do.


Sometimes we need a short break to re-energize, re-focus, re-connect.




I’ve always felt that sitting still for long hours for work or school was odd and even cruel. As children, we explore, feel, learn and communicate through our bodies, through movement. That quickly changes to sitting and thinking. Our bodies, emotions and movements become the missing links in learning—and in our lives.

My Lecoq training in movement-based theatre taught me the importance of reconnecting them all—mind with and through body, movement and mood.  In these pandemic times, practicing this is more important than ever!  

We invite you to try ZOOM zzzZAPS—short, all-body stretches that range from sublime to slightly wacky.  Do them sitting OR standing. Just do the movements, or enjoy ‘acting out’ and playing with the ‘moods’ that the titles, music, and actor Paige Hunt-Harman (B.A. Performance, Brock University) provide:  ‘meditate’ through self-hug stretches; ‘play out’ our foggy brains’ twists & trials to get an idea; ‘feel olympic’ reliving slo-mo, photo-&-go versions of Olympic sports; enjoy a silent, slo-mo temper tantrum for all ages; or literally ‘push out’ of the box & ‘pull in’ new image-ideas!  

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More videos to come...